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Welcome to Orapeake Farms

Welcome to Orapeake Farms

Welcome to Orapeake FarmsWelcome to Orapeake Farms

About Us


Baker Sweet Potato

The Baker Sweet Potato was developed at the Virginia Agriculture and Trucking Station in Virginia Beach, Va. in the mid 1900's. It has an orange flesh that cooks up soft and moist and it's sweeter than most varieties when initially dug, and gets sweeter as it cures. This is an heirloom variety that is not easily found. My local customers all agree that it is the best sweet potato they have ever eaten!


Orapeake Farm

Orapeake Farms was established in 1991. We have been growing Baker Sweet Potatoes for around 25 years and added Hayman Sweet Potatoes about 8 years ago. We would like to offer to you the opportunity to grow some of the sweetest and most flavorful potatoes around! 


Hayman Sweet Potato

The Hayman Sweet Potato came to the Eastern Shore of Virginia from the West Indies through Elizabeth City, North Carolina. It is a very sweet white sweet potato, a heirloom variety that has been grown on the Eastern Shore of Virginia for generations. 

This is a new variety,  Orapeake White.  Offspring of the Virginia Baker Sweet Potato.

New Variety "Orapeake White"

We are unveiling a new variety this year.   

It is a genetic offspring of the Virginia Baker. 

Over the past 5 years, through natural selection, 

we have developed a sweet potato that has 

the exterior appearance of the Virginia Baker 

with an interior that is creamy white.   When 

cooked it is very sweet, soft and moist.  

We hope you will try them.